Kraftmann Showcase is an audiovisual spectacle, in which several musical artists perform  while  a  visual, radiant and decorative design is exhibited, and where the image and the sound lively interact creating a defined atmosphere.


Kraftmann Records is characterized for having a completely vanguard character, putting aside the habitual, in order that the main characters are the minimalist and abstract art.


This event brings together concrete characteristics so order that  the union between promotion and the artistic production is possible, creating an atmosphere circumscribed for halls or multifunction enclosures of playful artistic character, that, as well, may  exhibit another artistic manifestations, related with the modern art.

Media visual is the determining factor most representative of Kraftmann Showcase.

The visual content is formed with the geometric combination, abstract forms, lights, shades and monochrome.


These media visual will be projected on architectonic surfaces previously designed and elaborated by our team of production, as well as on visual display screens of leds or all kind of infrastructures provided by the hall

The visual artist of Kraftmann Records’ team will take charge of projection of the graphic contents.

This aspect will be extremely important to be taken care of and defined, since the media visual, in addition to the musical, keep a direct relation with the atmosphere that will be  created in the event.


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