TITLE: Bood Noir



REMIXES: Devennue, Ted Cover




YEAR: 2013



Blood Noir is the first reference of Kraftmann Records. This creation marks the begining of all the work that it will be expose. This EP express it's understanding about the club music, starring a deep underground sound at the same time being elegant and sensible. With this EP we pretend to show to the public the set of key influences and styles that forms Kraftamnn Records: Ambient, Dub and Techno.


RNTS is the referent of this EP, clearly influenced by Techno. Creating a very overwhelming and abstract sound, that marks the hard line that Kraftmann will work.


Devennue, influenced by Dub, is ispiring himself in RNTS's work creating a darker and subtle atmosphere, wich highlights more the synthesis and dominated and firmly seated minuscule details.


Ted cover is producing the Ambient of this EP, based on more organic sound, with natural sound lines, rennouncing of the comun rhythms. Is showing his more creative side obtaining in this way a elegant and relaxed atmosphere.


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